How to access services when we are closed

We have a number of options for our patients to seek medical advice and/or treatment when we are closed.  You can ring our usual phone number 03 338 8179 and speak to a health professional.  You can also ring Healthline on 0800 611 116.

We now have another service available which is called Practice Plus.  This is a virtual GP service (phone/video) available from 5pm - 9pm weekdays and 8am to 8pm weekends/public holidays.  This service is run by NZ registered general practitioners.  If you need an urgent prescription or other care while we are closed you can contact this service.  Register by clicking on the 'Practice Plus' link on our website homepage.   Once registered, you can read more information about this service.  It will offer you the choice of waiting in a queue for the next available GP (during its opening times) or booking an appointment for later in the day/evening.  Once you have had the virtual consultation, the consult notes will be sent to Hoon Hay Medical Centre.  The pricing for the Practice Plus service is:  Under 14 with community services card $19.50, Under 14 no community services card $55.00, 14 and over with community services card $19.50, 14 and over no community services card $65.00

Alternatively, if a physical examination is needed, you can visit the Pegasus 24 Hour Surgery, 401 Madras Street.